Ohio’s largest marijuana expo catering to
consumers, medical marijuana patients and enthusiasts!

Welcome to the Ohio Marijuana Expo!

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We are so excited to see you at our Columbus Expo! The expo provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with scores of vendors ready to discuss their business, products and mission. You can expect a unique blend of medical marijuana cultivators, processors, dispensaries, advocates and experts. There will also be practitioners and professionals from healthcare, law and policy, arts and therapy, and holistic fields, all passionate about educating individuals on innovative solutions regarding overall improvement of health and well-being. Ohio Marijuana Card physicians will even offer discounted on-site medical marijuana evaluations, so you can discuss your condition and get approved the same day! Additionally, there will be vendors offering apparel, merchandise, food, and alternative services for your enjoyment. Whether you’re already a medical marijuana patient, curious about medical marijuana, or just want to check out new trends in alternative health and healing, the Ohio Marijuana Expo is the place to be!

We are looking forward to seeing you this June!